About Frances Prizzia

About Frances Prizzia

Upholding The Constitutional Rights Of Clients For More Than 17 Years

Background Of Frances-Marie Angeles Prizzia, Esq. - Owner

Frances-Marie Prizzia dedicates her law practice to upholding the constitutional rights of her clients and zealously defending them. Her passion has always been in criminal defense and public service, as evidenced by her childhood experience, prior work, and volunteer history.

Frances grew up in the Philippines during the time of martial law when Ferdinand Marcos ruled as the country’s dictator. Many people who opposed him were killed under his unjust regime. Frances witnessed the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Marcos’ biggest critic, on live television. This action banded people together in the EDSA movement, which overthrew Marcos’s reign.

At a young age, Frances saw the helplessness of the Filipino people against an unjust and lawless dictator, but she also observed the power and hope that the People’s Power movement created. This movement saw the success of a bloodless revolution, helping Cory Aquino become the first woman President of the Philippines in 1986.

When she moved to Los Angeles, Frances again witnessed injustice when she saw the Rodney King beating and the ensuing unrest. She became an activist in high school and was inspired to enter a career that helped people understand that their voices and existences matter.

Frances has always been what attorneys call a “true believer.” After graduating college, Frances worked for immigrant labor organizations (Pilipino Worker’s Center) and a mental healthcare center. Along with her experiences growing up in Los Angeles, this work gave Frances an eyewitness view of the injustices that the disenfranchised and impoverished suffer.

Frances’s compassion drove her commitment to making a difference and defending those in need. This drive is what convinced her to apply for law school. She was accepted into the Santa Clara University School of Law, where she also received her undergraduate degree. Frances chose this school because of its emphasis on public interest and public service.

While in law school, Frances interned at the Northern California Innocence Project and later worked as a Certified Law Clerk at the Santa Cruza Public Defender's office. She successfully argued and won a motion to suppress evidence due to the investigating police officers’ unlawful violations of the Fourth Amendment. She also researched and wrote motions asking the court to order the disclosure of confidential information regarding informants and police personnel files. To read more of Frances’s recent victories, click here.


In addition to extensive trial advocacy training, the school is also home to the Death Penalty College, Northern California Innocence Project, and Center for Social Justice and Public Service. While in law school, Frances worked at the Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center, where she wrote two successful political asylum briefs and won a U-visa (victim of violence) application for her client. This allowed the client to obtain their permanent residency ("green card") and a work permit in the United States. Frances also participated in an externship at the Northern California Innocence Project.

For the past 17 years, Frances has dedicated herself to the practice of law. Years before opening this firm, Frances worked as an Orange County Public Defender and in the Los Angeles County Alternate Defender's Office. While working as a trial attorney, she obtained many dismissals, and she won more jury trials than any other attorney within her unit.

Volunteer Work

Outside of her career, Frances continues to fiercely stick to her roots in activism. Most notably she is currently serving as the President of the Filipino-American Lawyers of Orange County (FLOC), a preeminent organization for Filipino-American legal professionals. The organization provides support and celebration for community members’ advancement in the legal world. They sponsor events such as Mock Interview Programs, Elimination of Bias MCLE, networking mixers, Adopt a Family, and many more beneficial fundraisers. Keep up with Frances’s community membership on her Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Ms. Prizzia is fluent in Tagalog and a single mother of two.

If you are needing an Orange County criminal defense attorney, reach out to Frances to have a compassionate attorney by your side.



Juris Doctor, Santa Clara University School of Law, 2005



  • Current President of the Filipino-American Lawyers of Orange County (FLOC)
  • A founding member and board member of the Orange County Unity Bar Association
  • The State Corresponding Secretary of the Filipino American Democratic Caucus of California (FADC) which is a sub-organization of the California Democratic Caucus
  • A lifetime member of the Philippine American Bar Association (PABA)
  • Italian American Lawyers of OC (IALOC)
  • Orange County Bar Association (OCBA)
  • Orange County Asian American Bar Association (OCAABA)
  • National Filipino American Lawyers Association (NFALA)
  • National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA)
  • ProVisors, EOA (Entrepreneur's Organization Accelerator Program)
  • National Trial Lawyers
  • California Public Defenders Association (CPDA)
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Defense (CACJ)
  • State Bar of California Membership No. 241176


  • American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys, 2016’s 10 Best
  • National Association of Distinguished Counsel (NADC), Nation’s Top One Percent
  • The National Trial Lawyers, Top 100 andTop 40 Under 40


  • Thurgood Marshall Bar Association‘s Adopt a Family/Mom Gift Wrapping Party. This event provides gifts for about 24 moms and 30 children.
  • Asian Pacific American Women Lawyers Alliance (APAWLA) gala where leading inspiring women of color are awarded and speak about their legal fields.
  • “Homage to the Filipina Americana.” Many leaders in the community attended the event, hosted by the Filipino Influential Leaders and Mentors (FILAM) and sponsored by Filipino-American Lawyers of Orange County (FLOC).
  • Featured speaker for the Overcoming Barriers Part Three panel discussion, How Minority Attorneys in The Public Sector Can Find Success at The Highest Levels.
  • Featured speaker for the panel discussion, What Are Hate Crimes, and What Can AAPI Attorneys Do About Them? The discussion focused on hate crimes, the current rise of crimes targeting the AAPI elders, and what can be done to protect the community. This event panel was hosted by California Asian – Pacific American Judges Association (CAPAJA) and California Asian American Bar Association (CAABA), and it was moderated by Judge Kulkarni of Santa Clara Superior Court.
  • Helped organize the Stop Asian Hate rally where many gathered to show solidarity and stand against the oppression and hate against all communities. Ms. Prizzia was one of the main speakers that discussed the tensions occurring in the Asian communities and how to move forward from them.

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