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If you've been charged with a criminal offense in Huntington Beach, CA, you need the services of an experienced and trusted defense attorney. The Law Offices of Frances Prizzia can help you get the legal representation you deserve. Resolving your case quickly and efficiently will help you move past the charges and on with your life.

You want to have a quality attorney to help protect your future from the life-altering effects of criminal accusations. You don't have to fight against the charges alone or hope the judge or jury finds your favor. You need a strong defense that offers you peace of mind and support for any legal ramifications you'll experience.

After being charged with a crime, you may be frightened, confused, angry, or facing a lot of other emotions. You may be unsure where to turn or who to talk to.

When you need help with a criminal defense case, you want to work with attorneys you can trust and rely on for proper help and support. The right legal representation can make the difference for anyone who's been arrested or charged with a crime, including making a difference in the outcome of your criminal defense.

Experienced Representation From Skilled Huntington Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Experienced representation

The goal is to have your charges dropped or reduced, but that's not always possible. No matter what kinds of criminal charges you're facing in the Huntington Beach area, you want the best opportunity for a successful resolution to your case. Working with a criminal defense lawyer can help provide a strong defense that will help you defend and protect your rights.

Choosing the right attorney is very important. While most attorneys have similar education, they have different levels of experience with cases like yours. You want experienced representation from an attorney who has worked on cases similar to what you're going through.

That experience can make a difference in the success of your case and may help you see reduced or dropped charges. No Huntington Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer can guarantee success in a criminal defense case, but working with an attorney with significant experience with your type of case may give you a higher chance of having the outcome you're looking for.

Understanding the Basics of Criminal Law in Huntington Beach, CA

In the Huntington Beach, CA, area, there are state laws that have to be followed. While these might differ from laws in other states, they're the same throughout California. If a crime is committed, police will arrest the suspect. But the police don't charge a person with a criminal act.

That's up to the prosecutor to decide, and some arrested people are released if there's not enough evidence for the prosecutor to bring charges. Being arrested is serious, though, and if you're arrested with the potential to be charged with a serious crime, you should know how to protect yourself, your interests, your rights, and your future.

What You Should Do After an Arrest in Huntington Beach, CA

What should you do after an arrest

After an arrest, you first want to seek out the services of a trusted criminal defense attorney. It's vital to be prepared if you're charged with a crime and want to get a trusted and experienced attorney working on your case immediately. Your attorney's work could lead to the charges being dropped or reduced, or you may need to go to trial.

Either way, you want to give yourself and your attorney time to work on your defense. This can lead to a stronger defense and help you have more peace of mind during an otherwise difficult time. Being arrested and charged with a crime can be life-changing, and you want the right people to help you move through the legal process.

Our Criminal Defense Attorney Practice Areas

At The Law Offices of Frances Prizzia, we work in several areas of criminal defense to provide you with quality legal representation. We understand the value of working with an attorney you can rely on to help you move through the legal process and see a resolution to your criminal case. You deserve a strong defense and trusted support during a difficult time.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence

If you've been charged with a domestic violence offense, it's important to know there are both misdemeanor and felony offenses in this category. That means your charges could be minor or very serious, and there are many areas in between. The right legal representation can help you receive the defense help you deserve.

Drug Crimes

Being charged with a drug crime can range from severe charges like large-scale distribution to a minor possession charge. No matter where your drug crime lands on the seriousness scale, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect you and your interests as your case moves through the legal system.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Driving under the influence

Being arrested for and charged with DUI often involves alcohol but can also pertain to prescription or non-prescription drugs. An arrest for being under the influence in California is based on nearly any impairment level, not just for being over the legal limit. If you've been arrested for DUI, having a solid defense is easier when you work with a criminal defense attorney.

Violent Crimes

Your future can be at serious risk if you're charged with a violent crime. Not only can these kinds of charges affect your personal and professional opportunities, but you could also face significant fines and even years of jail time. Depending on the specifics of your case, spending your life behind bars if you're convicted could be a possibility, and you need the services of a defense attorney.

Theft Crimes

Theft crimes

Theft crimes can be very serious, and being convicted of this kind of crime can come with restitution, fines, and jail time. Working with a trusted criminal defense attorney can get the support you need for a strong defense. If you're facing theft charges, you need the right help and guidance if you're facing theft charges, to help you protect your interests and future.

Benefits of Hiring Experienced Huntington Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys

Benefits of hiring experienced criminal defense attorney

Many attorneys offer defense for criminal cases, but you want to make sure you're choosing someone you can rely on to provide you with the best possible defense in your situation. Hiring experienced Huntington Beach criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia can give you essential benefits to help with your defense case.

Protecting Your Rights

We are deeply committed to protecting your rights, and we understand the serious nature of defending people in criminal cases. We'll help you understand your case and make sure you know your legal options.

We can discuss the odds of specific outcomes so that you can make informed choices. Your right to a good defense and a fair case are very valuable, and we want to make sure they're protected.

Handling All Negotiations

Negotiating for a plea bargain or reduced charges is one of the areas where we can help. Some cases lend themselves to these options more than others, and we'll address the specifics of your case with you. Then we'll work with the prosecutor and others in the legal field to help you have a quality defense and the best options we can offer you.

Standing Up for You in Court

Not all criminal cases go to court. Many of them are settled before they reach the courtroom. But if your case goes to court, you should know that we'll be there for you every step of the way. Our attorneys will stand up for you in court, and provide the judge and jury with valuable information about your defense, to help protect your interests and future.

Contact the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia Huntington Beach Criminal Lawyer to Schedule an Initial Consultation

Huntington beach criminal lawyer

When you need a Huntington Beach criminal defense lawyer to help you, contact us at the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia today. We understand the serious nature of criminal cases and the importance of a strong defense. Whether you've been arrested for theft, accused of murder, or are dealing with any other criminal case, we have the experience and skills you seek.

Get in touch with us, and let our attorneys and legal professionals learn about the facts of your case. We can give you essential information about how we can help you and discuss your options and opportunities. Our Huntington criminal defense Lawyers are dedicated to helping people charged with crimes get the quality defense support they deserve.

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