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Thank you, Thank you

“Thank you, thank you, thank you very much, Frances Prizzia! I can't thank you enough for the exceptional job you did in winning my case. You are a very kind and caring person. You basically saved me with your outstanding lawyering skills. You are the best lawyer I've ever seen in a courtroom. I'm sure someday defense lawyers will be referring to case law with your name on it. I consider you a good friend. Keep up the good work, Frances, of defending our Constitutional Rights. We need more lawyers like you.”


God is great and so is Frances Prizzia

“Frances got my brother out of a false-allegation custody matter within hours of discussing with her.. We saved money and a lot of time. She is very compassionate and all ears on details. Super quick and knows what she is doing. She takes it step-by-step but still clear and well planned on her next actions. I am so glad to have met her.”


Life saving help through the hardest times

“Life saving help through the hardest times. Chances are if you are reading this you, or someone you care about is in dire need of help. When I retained Miss Prizzia I was looking at prison time for a fourth DUI in OC. I was frightened and thought that my life, as I knew it, was over. Thanks to the court's faith in Miss Prizzia's outlined plan of action, and my continued strict adherence to her plan, I am able to work, live at home, and provide for my family. I have also found a higher power through the program of AA, and am on the road to alcoholic recovery! She guided me through what has been the most difficult time in my life with care and professionalism. I am, and will always be glad I called Francis Prizzia. P.S.: If you drink, please do so in moderation, and please, please don't drive! Your life can change!”


Best Lawyer Around Southern California

“Best Lawyer Around Southern California. Attorney Prizzia Is very knowledgeable and She always kept me informed. I was looking at jail time for Domestic violence. She got my case dismissed. I am forever grateful for her.”

Avvo User

I owe her my life

“Very Knowledgeable Attorney!!!!! I owe her my life, i received my 1st DUI she was able to get my whole situation dismissed. She fought hard for me and really cared about my case. She went above & beyond.”

Avvo User

The only lawyer I will EVER recommend to anyone

“The only lawyer I will EVER recommend to anyone. I was driving my husbands truck when I was pulled over. They searched his truck and found a loaded shotgun in the back seat. I was unaware that it was back there yet the cop arrested me and tried charging me with a felony. Keep in mind I'm in the military and this would've ended my career. She was able to get the whole case dismissed and worked with me by making payments. She is very professional and a very knowledgeable dependable lawyer. I Thank God the day he found her for me.”


Frances Prizzia saved my life!

“Frances Prizzia saved my life!!! She helped me without a doubt! And fought for me!!! I recommend her to anyone! anywhere! who are searching for a great, honest and trustworthy attorney! she is great! I would definitely choose her as your attorney! Thanks again for all your help Franes Prizzia!”

Tasha Manley

The best thing you can you do for yourself requires nothing more than to call and ask if she can help

“Prior to speaking with Frances I was dealing with two cases and a lot of stress. I am not exactly financially free, so the idea of consulting a professional was near the bottom of my list of options. I was willing to try it if it would put my mind at ease. I am really thankful I did. The best thing you can you do for yourself requires nothing more than to call and ask if she can help, she is that approachable and so is her staff.”

Avvo User

Best Attorney in the OC

“Best Attorney in the OC. Ms. Prizzia is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what she's doing. She is very well known in the courts which is a plus. She helped me with a domestic violence case which could have ended up in a mess but Ms. Prizzia helped me through the stressful situation and got my charges dropped down to disturbing the peace. I would highly recommend her, she knows the law and is very caring.”

Avvo User

Don't waist your time and money with anyone else

“Best decision I've ever made. I had a case over 10 years ago facing 10-15 yrs 2 lawyers and $30k later I still did time and ended up with some bad scars on my record, I wish i would have reconsidered my defence. I met francis about 7 months ago, my stepson was charged with attempted murder! We scouted and met with over 10 lawyers. All different outcomes, then we met Francis, she just set a whole different comfort zone when going through something you'd never expect. She was more than understanding, she was real, she gave us a great financial plan even knowing the seriousness of the charges. She always kept in constant contact with every update morning and night. She filed motions and pushed and pushed, The greatest outcome I never even thought a lawyer would be able to do, 6 months in jail, time served, probation! Name a lawyer whos done that! If I had to leave my life in someone's Hands to defend me I could honestly say and recommend Francis Prizzia. Dont waist ur time and money with anyone else, start your case in Her office. Shes the real deal no bullshit, straight shooter! Thank you so much Francis!!!!!!”

Avvo User

Comparing her to other lawyers is like comparing apples to lemons

“Trustworthy, Affordable, and Effective. I went through many lawyers in my case. It felt like the lawyers took advantage of my issue rather than help in any significant way. Mrs. Francis, unlike the others, listened carefully and was ready to go to judge and jury court. However, she found an opportunity to divert it. In a few months, case closed. My family and I are very grateful to her. Comparing her to other lawyers is like comparing Apples to lemons; she has a winning attitude. I would retain again anytime, but hopefully never will have to. Retain with confidence.”


No mere words can describe my gratitude for Ms. Frances assistance

“BEST Lawyer!!! Ms. Frances is truly an amazing person. She was so knowledgeable in her field, She and her associate, Jennifer, was so kind and extremely helpful at all time. Both ladies really treat their clients as though we were friends and not just clients. I HIGHLY recommend their service because both ladies went above and beyond to assist me with my case. No mere words can describe my gratitude for Ms. Frances assistance.”


She definitely knows what she is doing and I'd recommend her to anyone

“She's well worth it. Frances as well as Jennifer, her assistant, is AWESOME. My case was handle strictly through phone calls and a few emails, in which she beat my case within 2.5 weeks of me contacting her. She definitely knows what she is doing and I'd recommend her to anyone. Thanks again!”


Tender yet tenacious!

“Tender yet tenacious! From the moment Frances took my pre-file case she and her staff made me feel secure and as if helping me and my family get through this truly mattered. She went the extra mile to ensure me that she was on top of things and cleared my matter quickly. It was actually a day before for my son's birthday! What a gift, I would recommend Ms. Prizzia in a heartbeat. She's awesome!”


Impressive level of expertise in criminal law along with impeccable knowledge, attention to detail and quick wit

“My experience with Frances was very pleasant and productive. She was always prompt and efficient in returning phone calls and emails. Her impressive level of expertise in criminal law along with impeccable knowledge, attention to detail and quick wit made me feel comfortable and secure throughout the whole process. Ms. Prizzia successfully resolved my case and I would highly recommend her to all my family, friends, acquaintances and anyone, who might find themselves in need of counsel.”


She is a Godsend

“Absolutely THE BEST!!!!!!! When I was unexpectedly arrested for unknown warrants my Fiance contacted her lawyer Frances Prizzia and Frances immediately advised her , calmed her , and gave her peace of mind...Frances was immediately available and was extremely quick and knowledgeable. She appeared at my court date and not only got me released, she also got the judge to end my probation term as well...She is a Godsend. She helped me and my Fiance get our lives back on track...We don't know where we would be without her. We are truly thankful for Frances and we recommend her to everyone.”


I was impressed with the level of customer care and outstanding work keeping me informed

“I called the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia on Sunday night slightly panicked because of an unexpected, complicated legal issue. Frances answered the phone! She calmed me, provided me information about next steps and the office followed up the next day. I was impressed with the level of customer care and outstanding work keeping me informed by staying in contact. Frances successfully resolved our case and I highly recommend her if you want a lawyer who is knowledgeable and caring.”


I cannot thank Frances enough for fighting for my rights!

“I cannot thank Frances enough for fighting for my rights!!! She has been so understanding and caring. Very professional law office. Thank you so much for our amazing win!!! ”

Stephanie Perales

Helpful, professional, and expeditious

“We appreciate the level of customer care and personal contact. The Law Office of Frances Prizzia was helpful, professional and expeditious. Frances helped us navigate a our legal situation and reduced our stress!”

Responsive, transparent, and diligent

“Call Frances and Sarena when you need a good attorney. Responsive, transparent, and diligent. Their cost of doing business is competitive. Hopefully you never need an attorney, but if you do call Frances Prizzia, she knows her trade, does it well.”

Josh Patton

Frances heard us with utmost care, compassion, and professionalism

“I would like to mention that after interviewing few criminal defense attorneys, we retained Attorney Frances Prizzia to handle a friend’s case in the Orange County District Court. Frances heard us with outmost care, compassion and professionalism. During the first meeting she put our worried and anxious minds at ease and explained the various scenarios and possible outcomes of the case. Mistakes happen in everyone’s life and everyone deserves a second chance. Frances is a great listener; she dissected the case and explained the steps and procedures very clearly in layman terms too. She worked with the DA and negotiated a favorable outcome leading to the dismissal of the case. Of course some formalities were to be done. A seasoned criminal law defense attorney friend (from a different California jurisdiction) said this about Frances: “It sounds like her attorney is on top of the situation.” and “…the disposition suggested by her attorney would be in her best interests.” Frances' client never had to go to the court. Frances represented and navigated the client on the formalities and procedures. A great thing about Frances is, she is very easy to work with and communicate. Furthermore, Frances is very reachable via text messages and easy to work with. She even gave a discount on her reasonable fee. Her staff is always reachable and return your messages. Highly recommended!”

Muqheet Syed

Her office is flexible with you on setting up a payment plan too, which really helped me out.

“I highly recommend Ms. Prizzia's services. She is very helpful, kind, and easy to talk to. She really listens to your questions and concerns and doesn't make you feel rushed. I have hired her to help me with 2 court cases now. Her office is flexible with you on setting up a payment plan too, which really helped me out. She is now working on getting my record expunged.”


Hiring Ms. Prizzia was the best decision I could have made

“My family has retained Ms. Prizzia for a very serious legal matter that required skills such as knowledge of felony law, a professional manner, tenacity, good inter-personal skills with other members of the legal community, patience and compassion. Hiring Ms. Prizzia was the best decision I could have made. We needed to remove the felony charges from my son's record while maintaining a measure of accountability on his part, a difficult balance. As my son is a repeat offender, the DA was intent on the maximum sentence. Frances worked closely with the DA to achieve a compromise that served our goals. I highly recommend her services.”


Do yourself a favor, Retain Frances Marie Prizzia. You can't lose.

“I am a professional high profile security agent with a strong background in protecting some of Hollywood's finest. My profession was on the line for an accusation with no merit and I was recommended to Frances Prizzia. I am thankful that I found such an understanding and knowledgeable attorney. She and her legal team assured me from the start, of this short lived case, that all would work out and be fine. I was under pressure and great concern, Frances was a soothing and swift defense attorney whom knows her way around the court(s) and the psychology of the process. Within 30 days the case was dismissed and my background and professional future were sustained. Do yourself a favor, Retain Frances Marie Prizzia. You can't lose.”


She may look harmless but she is actually a feisty powerful attorney

“Frances is a determined and thorough attorney. She took a case that looked daunting on the surface. She ensured that we had a fair chance if it went to trial (which it did). She was thorough and her extreme attention to detail proved invaluable both in the investigation she had conducted and in how she performed in court. It took 8 months and much work but ended in our favor. She may look harmless but she is actually a feisty powerful attorney.”

Past Client

Successfully defended my case and protected my professional standing

“Best of Southern California's Legal Teams, Law Office of Frances Prizzia! I am a high profile security agent and was wrongly accused of a crime. Frances and her legal team uncovered the truth and successfully defended my case and protected my professional standing. I strongly recommend her to anyone fighting a criminal case. Sometimes the Law doesn't always know the pertinent details, but someone that knows the Law can teach and prove the Law. Go Frances! And thank you so much!”


A Godsend in my life

“Frances Prizzia has been a Godsend in my life. She is knowledgeable, thorough and extremely intelligent while being down to earth with a warm and friendly personality. I have worked with her for over 3 years of a very trying time in my life, and from the very beginning she was able to get me released from custody, she was able to tie multiple cases from different courts together which allowed me to only have to deal with one consequence for all of it (which was very minimal, thanks to her). During this time she was complimented by the Judge when he told me "Your lawyer has done a great job for you today." (Something I already knew). Whenever I went to court I was able to have peace of mind because Frances Prizzia was fighting for me. She is not afraid to get in the ring (courtroom) and fight for the best possible outcome for me and my life. I don't know what I would have done or where I would have been if it wasn't for the Law Office of Frances Prizzia. I will keep her on my team for life and recommend her to any and everyone that may need excellent representation.”

Re Grace

She proved that there are good attorneys out there

“I would like to thank attorney Prizzia, for defending my son and taking the time to listen and care! She was highly recommended and now I understand why. After being disappointed by public defenders, she proved that there are good attorneys out there. I hope others will follow her standards.”

Chris Williams, Sr.

better result so that I could have an opportunity to stay and get my citizenship

Dear Frances, I've been a US citizen for almost a year, and I just wanted to thank you again for working on my case and succeeding at it, as you always do. As you might recall, I was ready to move out of the country, in stress and fear, once my case was being processed, but you still pushed to get a better result so that I could have an opportunity to stay and get my citizenship.I didn't see it then, but three years later, I couldn't be happier and grateful to be American and that you believed in my story. I also found out my ex was later arrested for abusing another woman, and he finally had to take some accountability for his actions.With all said, thank you for helping so many like me.

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