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There is a lot at stake if you are convicted. Learn how our hands-on legal team may be able to help you.


Criminal charges of any kind require an attorney who will put all of their energy and focus on the case and will fight for their client from the moment they take on the case. Conviction of a crime can turn a person's life upside down due to heavy fines, jail time, or even prison sentence. Their future success could also be stunted by the consequent criminal record. Are you in this situation? Our Newport Beach criminal defense attorney can help.
In addition to serving clients throughout Southern California and Newport Beach, The Law Office of Frances Prizzia also takes cases from San Diego and Ventura counties. Because we deal with criminal defense on a daily basis, we know what it takes to beat your charges.
At the Law Office of Frances Prizzia, our team is committed to providing high quality, aggressive legal counsel. Your future is our only concern.
Defense Attorney For Domestic Violence Charges

A domestic violence accusation can arise when a person is alleged to have injured or threatened to injure a family or household member, such as a spouse or individual they are living with. Offenses include child abuse, kidnapping, stalking, spousal abuse, and threats and intimidation. In some cases, the alleged offender may be subject to a restraining order that restricts their life.

DUI Defense

California law prohibits a person from driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or with an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more. If you have been charged with a DUI, the penalties you could face include incarceration, fines, and/or driver’s license suspension. A lot is on the line, which is why it’s imperative to reach out to our Orange County attorney for legal representation. We provide counsel for those charged with a first or subsequent offense, underage DUI, DUI with injury, and vehicular manslaughter. We also offer guidance for DMV hearings.

Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Drug crimes involve the distribution, sales, manufacture, and possession of controlled substances. The statutes prohibiting this conduct concern both illicit drugs and prescription medications. The conviction penalties for these offenses are severe and include time in jail or prison and high fines. Reach out to our team for the legal help you need fighting your charge.

Restraining Orders

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Defense Lawyer Fighting Violent Crimes

A person may be charged with a violent crime if they are alleged to have harmed or threatened to harm another individual. Offenses falling under this term include, but are not limited to, assault, battery, manslaughter, and murder. Because of the danger violent crimes pose to community members, they carry harsh penalties, and prosecutors often seek maximum punishments.

Theft Crimes Defense In Orange County

Theft crimes refer to offenses involving the unlawful taking or stealing of another person’s property. They can consist of physically removing something from someone else or using fraud or deception to cause a person to give up money or other assets. Theft offenses include burglary, carjacking, robbery, and shoplifting. The penalties are tied to the type and value of the stolen item.

Military Criminal Defense Attorney

Special care and consideration must be taken when an offense was allegedly committed by an active or former military member. The individual’s experiences in the Armed Forces can make it difficult to adjust to civilian life. In California, pre-trial diversion options may be available for military members as an alternative to incarceration. Our Orange County defense lawyer is prepared to explore all avenues to pursue optimal outcomes for current or former members of the Armed Forces.

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Mental Health Diversion

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Defense for Serious Traffic Offenses

At The Law Office of Frances Prizzia, we can fight for you if you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony traffic crimes. These include offenses such as hit and run, excessive speeding, reckless driving, driving without insurance, driving with a suspended license, and DUI. The penalties for any of these crimes can severely affect your future, which is why we are prepared to fight aggressively to seek a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

A sex crime allegation alone can hurt your reputation and relationships. If you are convicted, you could face life-altering consequences, including incarceration, fines, and/or a requirement to register as a sex offender. Because of this, you need a lawyer ready to stand up for you throughout your case. Whether you have been charged with rape, child pornography, sex with a minor, indecent exposure, or any other sex offense, our Orange County attorney will be your zealous advocate.

Defending Against White Collar Crime Charges

Typically, white collar crimes are financially motivated, non-violent offenses. They are often complicated matters because they usually involve allegations of deception and complex schemes. Offenses can include conspiracy, embezzlement, extortion, or fraud. Our attorney can scour the details of your case to identify weaknesses in proof and pursue a just result on your behalf.

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